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Race Resuts from June 26, 2016

Cadet Karts (7 to 13 year olds)

1st #55 Keegan Lamson

2nd  #10 Wyatt Comi

3rd  #9 Owen Cheney

4th Caleb Comi

Shifter Karts (14 years old and up)

1st #5 Brandon Tessier

2nd #11 Scott Gibbs

3rd #51 Freddy Dijur

4th #33 Shawn Joyal

5th #71 Sarah Hebert

6th #55 Dylan Hebert

7th #14 Jim Ayer

8th #2 Jeff Blow

Our Next Event is Sunday July 10, 2016

June 5 Race CANCELED due to Rain

May 15 Race CANCELED due to Rain

Do you have  your Hoosier Tires for this year ?? These are new for this year.  Contact me if you  need some.


    Tires  this year will be a different brand of time and compound.  This year the Hoosier Brand of tire is what we will run.  Cadet Karts will be required to run Hoosier brand tire, 22150 size on all 4 wheels and the compound is R60B compound.  Shifters will be required to run Hoosier tires, front tire

Size  is 22150 and the

Rear tire size is 22371 The

Compound will be R60B.  I will be ordering tires next week, if you  want some please let me know so I can include tires for you in this order.

The cost of a full set of tires is $185 for Cadets $190 for shifters.

Rules of the Road

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Directions to Rocky Ridge Raceway

400 Baptist Street, Graniteville, Vermont

From interstate I-89 get off at Exit 6, the South Barre exit., travel the 4 miles down the hill to stop light at Route 14 intersection. Go straight through the light uphill on Middle Road. Stay on Middle Road, it will turn into Graniteville Road. Drive past Quarry Hill Apartments on your left side. At the playground stay straight onto Baptist street, track entrance is apron 1/4 mile from the playground.

Contact ph # 802-839-0486

2015 Points  Cadet Class

2015 Points Shifter Class